Twice a year,in february-march and september-october,fashion goes around the world to show new trends through designers collections.
In the fashion hemisphere,these are the two most important moments of the year.
Designers spend six long mounths to study and create their collections that will be available on the market some mounths later.
Models,photographers,make up artists and journalists all move from New York to London and from Milan to Paris to be protagonist and witness of the next fashion trend. There is no need to tell how big the business is.Milion of people from all over the world will be influenced by the new designers trend and the numbers that they make in terms of money is absolutely relevant!
This is the top moment of the fashion world. This story wants to be a 360 degrees report.It is not only about fashion shows but it aims at giving an idea about what you feel and perceive in these chaotic,stressful and exiting moments. Backstages,Models,Photographers,Journalists,Sponsor and Make up Artists are all protagonist of these photo-story.