For 39 years, Israel has occupied Palestinian land, and has confiscated and colonized hundreds of choice sites.
Often excluded from their former homes, land, and places of worship, protesting Palestinians have been severely dominated and oppressed. There is forced segregation between Israeli settlers and Palestine's citizens, with a complex pass system required for Arabs to traverse Israel's multiple checkpoints.
An enormous wall snakes through populated areas of what is left of the West Bank, constructed on wide swaths of bulldozed trees and property of Arab families, obviously designed to acquire more territory and to protect the Israeli colonies already built.
Combined with this wall, Israeli control of the Jordan River Valley will completely enclose Palestinians in their shrunken and divided territory. Gaza is surrounded by a similar barrier with only two openings, still controlled by Israel. The crowded citizens have no free access to the outside world by air, sea, or land.
The Palestinian people are now being deprived of the necessities of life by economic restrictions imposed on them by Israel.
Refugee camps,apartheid wall,check points and restrictions of any kind from Nablus to Hebron,from Bethlehem to Huwuara are shown in this image report that wants to testify the non human life conditions of palestinians throghout the so-called "west bank.
In the end of this section there are some images of palestinian prisoners from Dheisheh's refugee camp released,after years of prison, by Israeli government for the Annapolis agreement(december 2007).